How to Maximize Media Leads

Maximizing Media Leads Thanks to HARO ( and similar media leads services, there are media leads out there for everyone, all the time. Media, media, everywhere! The key, … Continue Reading

Art Gallery

Interview with Hank Willis Thomas

A Perfect Picture: Interview with Hank Willis Thomas Interviewed by Dana Rettig Someone once stated that a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture does not just remind us of our past and … Continue Reading

Short Fiction

Four Women by A. Jarrell Hayes

FOUR WOMEN By A. Jarrell Hayes She steps into the beauty salon smiling. Her teeth are polished ceramic gems, her fingernails clear as glass, and her hair flows like an ebony ocean. Her pumps … Continue Reading



Interview with Dirt Bomb

Dirt Bomb has already been featured in several magazines for his music, vision and success selling music on the street. He has worked with artists including Scarface, Too Short, Mario, and Scott Storch. More information can be found at From the web: “A healthy confidence in self and mature intelligence to match, his delivery […]

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Personal Essays

Urban Black Lit Fiction-A Place For All Things Black? by Sean Moore As an aspiring Black writer, and a fan of reading novels, I often cringe when browsing through bookstores or a supermarket and come to the African-American Authors, Black Literature, or Urban Reading sections for several reasons. More importantly, it makes me ask myself: […]

What Lies in the Souls of Men? Alvin C. Romer Does anyone really care about what men think nowadays, or what really lies deep within our souls? In 2008 most men that have lived a bit should be at the crossroads of their lives. Living the life and being able to transcend to levels of […]

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Gorilla Unit by Eric Nycamor

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