**Submissions Guidelines**

Urbania is a quarterly arts and literature magazine publishes pre-publication reviews of books and current media We focus on independent publishers, record labels, film companies and university presses. Download our rate card and editorial calender to get involved.

Media Reviews (Books, Music, Audiobooks, Films/DVD’s)

Urbania receives more than 150 galleys/books, audios, PODs, and eBooks submissions every month and due to a small staff can only select approximately five percent for review. Of the titles reviewed in the print magazine about 50% are fiction and 50% nonfiction. Selection factors include current interest, editorial calendar, distinctiveness, preparation, and worthiness. Other considerations for review include layout, audience, competition, and review space.


We prefer book galleys and books 3-4 months in advance of publication. Be sure the publication date and subject categories are noted on the press release or fact sheet. If the book is not received within the submission guidelines, we offer paid marketing services to place your book on the website.

Submission information should include category, title, subtitle, author, publisher, number of illustrations, pages, prices, binding, number of cassettes, hours/minutes, ISBNs of formats, and publication dates. Press releases or fact sheets should summarize why the title is distinctive and different; include the publisher’s name, address, telephone, and fax number. (eBooks: send the Copyright page, Contents, Preface, and first few pages; please don’t send the entire eBook.)


We accept any films released in the calender year. We have an issue dedicated to both film and music. We will incorporate the best submissions with reviews, interviews and video. To be included send your press kit and your product to our address.

Unfortunately, Urbania is unable to confirm the receipt of any media by phone or e-mail. If you wish to be notified when your book arrives, we suggest you include with your product a self-addressed, stamped postcard with the title. We will gladly drop the postcard in the mail when your book arrives.

Note: To respond to the demand of authors, we offer a paid service for eBook reviews. The service is for books that are only available digitally. The cost is $75 for the review and includes an author interview to be placed on the site. If interested, contact us and send the file. Electronic book galleys are difficult to track. We think your book gets a better assessment when we can look at a hard copy. Please send us hard copies only.

Please send all book and media review submissions to the address below:

Attn: Book Review Editor
Urbania Magazine
PO Box 532532
Indianapolis, IN 46254

Reviews can appear in either format of the magazine.

1. Urbania print magazine. If your book is being published and it is three months before your publication date, send us a galley or advanced review copy. All books which meet our publication date guidelines and review standards are considered for individual reviews and for features on a variety of subjects, which are listed in our editorial calendar. Music CD’s and films can be sent before or on the date of publication.

2. Urbania Magazine Digital. The Digital Review is a new service which enables us to review more books. If we determine that your book is worthy of a review but we aren’t able to cover it in the magazine or online, we will notify you via email that your book is eligible for a Digital Review. If you choose, you may then request a review, and for a small handling fee ($75), the book will be sent to one of our reviewers and published on Please know that if, upon closer examination, we find that a book is not up to review standards, we will notify you and refund the review fee.

Note: A digital service is available for music and films on the advertising page. This service works well for products received after or too close to their publication dates. It is not limited to independent publishers.

The digital review has all the characteristics of the reviews in the magazine. The review will be featured on our website and Tweeted to followers like all other content.

To have your media product considered specifically for a digital review, include “Urbania Magazine Digital” on the address label and include payment or send to paypal here.

Thank you for your interest in Urbania Magazine. Success to you and your work.

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