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Urbania Magazine is a network of urban readers, hip hop fans, writers, artists, reviewers, publishers and industry professionals who are a part of the business, literature and urban art community.

Published in multiple formats, we showcase and publicize the most innovative visionaries in the arts. It is our duty to inform readers about authors, artists, musicians and professionals that have produced newsworthy urban artwork.

We look forward to bringing readers the best information and news in the urban arts community. By providing an urban perspective of business, art, and literature, Urbania Magazine’s goal is to provide urban business’s and artists strategies to effectively market their product.

Our magazine’s staff stresses a first hand experience that gives a more accurate and contextual analysis of urban books, music, art and business.

www.urbaniamag.com is offered as a way of expressing the truth about urban issues, business, and stories. We illustrate what goes on in the city through focused perspectives, written in a vernacular and expression anyone can understand. By being simple and upfront, our magazine will be available for anyone to gain knowledge and engage.

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Urbania Magazine

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