Editors Note

“I believe that you can use your will and make something happen.” – 50 Cent

Life is a storm.

Last week, somebody kicked in the door of my home, stole a plasma TV, some jewelry, a firearm that protected my family and a laundry list of other things. But more than the materials, the robbers stole the security that I felt in and around my neighborhood. For a week straight, I posted in the living room near the door to make sure it didn’t happen again. I scowled at my neighbors, “one of them did it!” I thought.

For a minute, I was out of my right mind and ready for anything. I slowed on what I love to do and kept guard to secure my family and the things I thought were mine. Then, I reread the Peace in the Storm interview, and thought about the positives of the break-in.

My family was safe and healthy. The robber entered my home in a short window of time, and if I came home much sooner, I could’ve faced my own gun. Or I could have been home when the robber entered and possibly had to use the gun myself. Either way, the situation turned out for the best.

In all storms, obstacles occur. While working the www.UrbaniaMag.com I ran into problems with the graphic designer, the identity of the publication and the economy. I dreamed of a print publication.

Decisions had to be made. I canceled the faulty relationship with the graphic designer and moved forward with a multimedia format that I could control the identity. As a result, I networked and met more positive people that allowed me to move in the direction I want to go.

Eliminating negative people in my personal and professional circle is part of my personal growth and is part of the “Evolution”, the theme of October content.

In this October issue, the illustrated piece “An American Evolution” by Jon Edwards slices into the idea of what it is to evolve as an African American person. Relentless Aaron shows the evolution of the author and businessman, while Ella Curry provides insight on why marketing is crucial in the down economy. Not to mention other exciting shorts and features, check it out now.

Whatever you do, evolve and find a way to make it through the storm. Use everything in your power to not let anyone kill your joy. Make it through the storm and look good doing it.

Stay green and healthy,

Q.B. Wells
Editor of Urbania Magazine

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