Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the rates for Print Display Ads?
The rates for small businesses is listed on the advertise page. You can check ads or download the brochure.

2. How do I order a print display ad?
Print display ads can be ordered by phone, mail or online. To inquire about print display ads contact us advertising@urbaniamag.com.

3. How do I order an UrbaniaMag.com ad?
Online ads can be placed on the advertise page by selecting the ad from the Paypal menu and submitting a payment

4. Can I order an Internet Classified Ad for the UrbaniaMag.com website?
No need to order a classified ad, place it for free! Go to the listing section and fill in the required fields. Please only place one ad.

5. How do I become a sponsor of the magazine or partner on an event?
Urbania Magazine accepts sponsorship opportunities, contact sponsorship@urbaniamag.com to send information.

Review FAQ’s

***Check Submission Guidelines BEFORE Submitting for Review***

1. What type of products does Urbania Magazine review?
Urbania Magazine reviews films, DVD’s, books (audio/digital) and music. Books must be submitted at least three months before publication.

2. How do I submit my product for reviews?
Check the submissions page and submit online for digital products. For hard copies, send the product to our address.

3. Where do I send my book to be reviewed?
Urbania Magazine
PO Box 532532
Indianapolis, IN 46254

4. What is a AOM Digital Review?
AOM Digital Review is a service added to help authors get more publicity and is a paid review service.

5. What is a Book Blog Tour?

The Book Blog Tour is a paid service for book promotion. Most books that are not received for a pre-publication review are referred for the book blog tour.

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