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Increase your sales and brand awareness and become a sponsor of Urbania Magazine and Our sponsors help us pay quality content and future programming. In return for your advertising dollars we provide traffic, brand awareness and sales. Our goal is to provide our sponsors significant value and return on their investment.

To provide value, we provide brand awareness online, print and by engaging audiences through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Our sponsors receive an advertisement placed online and inside the print magazine. Each full page ad includes a square 125 x 125 sponsored ad. The back cover ad includes the banner. The front and back page inside cover ads include the large square sponsored ad on the front page.

Look at our ad rates below and download the advertising rate card and editorial calender. Give us a call or send a money order for the frequency rate.

Some sponsors may want to participate in upcoming events or partner on a promotion or giveaway. Contact for more information.

Sponsorship Rates (2011-12 Issues)

1x 2x 3x 4x
Front Inside Cover 700 650 600 550
Back Inside Cover 600 550 500 450 (Includes online large square sponsored ad)
Back Cover 700 650 600 550 (Includes online Banner Ad)
Full Page 475 450 425 400 (Includes small square sponsored ad)
Half Page 250 225 200 175
Marketplace 50
Classifieds 25

We look forward to increasing your sales and brand awareness. You can purchase sponsorship ads below or go to and in the lower left hand corner purchase the Paypal. Please specify the issue you prefer.

Sponsorship Ad Sizes

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