Interview with A Cold Piece Author Ni’cola Mitchell

UM: Introduce yourself to the audience.

Hello, my name is Ni’cola Mitchell, and I am an author and I run an independent publishing house NCM Publishing. Originally from Jamaica, I am a proud mother of two beautiful and talented girls Destani Imani 18 and Diamond Lynn 13. Currently we reside in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

UM: Tell us how your career started as a writer.

My story is actually different from other writers. Unlike most writers, that knew that this was going to be their profession, my dreams were totally opposite. I wanted to be a CEO of a hospital, not my own publishing company. My book career started from a dare. I graduated from college in 2008 and my friends and family dared me to turn my journal entries into a book. That is when I wrote my debut novel, Over and Over Again and then shortly after, The Appetizer, When You’re Not His Main Course. Two months after the release of the Appetizer, my eldest sister (whom raised me) passed away. She was my main cheer leader in my journey as an author. I went through a deep depression and penned out Twisted. Almost three years later from the release of my first novel, my fourth title A Cold Piece will be released March 31, 2012.

UM: Tell us about your upcoming release A Cold Piece.

Well I am really excited about this novel. This one is not like my usual drama filled novel. A Cold Piece is a Suspense Thriller revolving around three main characters: Lisa, Anthony, and Gabrielle. Lisa Oliver was comfortable in her lifestyle. She had everything that one can ask for, anything that money could buy and a husband that treasured her. Everything changed once Anthony found about some horrible secrets that Lisa was hiding and divorced her. Two years go by, and Anthony remarries Gabrielle, they are happy and settled in their life, until everyone around the happy couple either becomes missing, hurt or dead.

UM: How do you balance your writing / publishing with your personal and social life?

It wasn’t until recently that I realized the importance of balance. The only way that I can continue being successful in my career, is if I separate my family life from my career. I have incorporated my team more and began scheduling time for my family. This includes turning my phones off, and not checking my emails.

UM: When you attend an event(book signing/festival), what last impression or message do you want to leave visitors with?

I want the readers to see that I am a real person. Even though I am professional and grind out everyday, that I am also funny and down to earth. I hope that a person can see me pursuing my dreams, and that will in turn motivate them to pursue their own.

UM: Can you give us your contact information:

My websites are as follows:,, You can also find me on facebook and twitter: and

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