Interview with Fallen Author Quiana

Interview with Fallen Author Quiana

UM: Can you Introduce yourself to readers?

I’m Quiana, a new author from Philadelphia! Writing is a passion of mine that I am eager to share. It’s been a long time goal of mine since age 17 to become a published author by the age of 25, so I am very proud to have met that goal and to deliver a great story to my audience.

UM: How did you get involved in publishing?

Well, I consulted with several authors that I know to decide if self publishing was the best option. I was proud of my completion but had no Idea how to go through the publishing process. I did a lot of research! I decided to go with self publishing due to the amount of freedom it allows, it’s just a lot of work.

UM: What prompted you to write Fallen? Anything based of true events?

The story is not based upon true events, however people can relate, I think that is why my readers love it so much. The plot just came to me one day in my living room after I already started another novel. I felt strongly in my heart that Fallen should be my first novel, and so far it has proven to be a good choice. There aren’t many stories, if any, about this new wave of cougars in the dating world. Fallen explores that type of a relationship with the upsides and downfalls. Throw sex, lies, and adultry in it and you have a very captivating story!

UM: Who is the audience for the book? What do you hope they take away after reading?

I have had young, old, white and black readers so far who all loved the story! I am very proud to say my audience range with this story is wide. Fallen was intended to be a story for mothers. Mothers who like myself, gave up youth in exchange for stability or to raise a family. Ramae, the main character, spends a lot of time reflecting back and wondering if things could have been different. I think for men and women, we have a hard time fighting selfish temptation, and thinking that we missed out on something. I want my readers to take the lesson of thinking before acting from this story. Is lust and youth worth risking for stability? Should we be accepting of the life that we have chosen or is it never to late to live our dreams? These are questions people deal with on the daily bases.

UM: Who was your favorite character? Why?

Well of course I have to say Ramae! As the main character she expereinces several transformations, which always makes a plot great. You see her at her strongest and weakest, you root for her while secretly wishing for her downfall. You will find yourself identifying with her internal conflicts, while wondering what is she thinking! But I also love her friend Porscha because she reminds me of myself! The fun friend who will always tell it how it is! I love her character because she doesn’t sugar coat things with Ramae, she focuses more on being a true friend not a good one.

UM: DId you have any challenges while writing the book?

With Fallen being my first book the greatest challenge was sticking to it! I had to remind myself that this was something that I’ve wanted for a long time and if anytime was the right time it would be 2011! I had prayed for time off from work to write my first novel, and when God blessed me with it I knew it was time to focus! Being a single parent also created challenge. I would feel guilty for giving up hours to writing somedays.

UM: Whats Next?

My next novel will be Uptown’s Princess! I am working on it now and I hope to release it in the spring. There will also be a sequel to Fallen in the future, and I would love to turn it into a stage play! Hopefully 2012 will be a big year there are lots of plots in my head that I am ready to put on paper.

UM: Tell readers how to contact you or attend some of your events.

You can always follow me on twitter @authorquiana, facebook Author Quiana, or my website which has my email listed! Readers should also checkout my video blog on my about me page to get a better sense of me as a person! My website also has info on my upcoming book party in Philadelphia and will have postings for radio interviews, book signings, and other events.

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