Interview with Lovely Lies Author Lashanta Charles

Introduce yourself to the audience.

I was born and raised in Orangeburg, SC. I love to eat, watch movies, read, and obviously write. I’m married, have two kids and I live in Texas. Oh, and I hate spiders.

Tell us about your title.

Lovely Lies, basically sums up the concept of my novel. Makynzee, the main character, has been lied to and kept in the dark about a lot of things and the preise behind that is that most of the people lying to her are doing it out of love and trying to protect her. In a perfect world, that would be ok, but we all know nothign is perfect…except maybe my father-in-law’s gumbo. It was originally titled Through It All, but with the help of my publisher we came up with Lovely Lies.

What inspired you to write your book?

I’ve always written, books…short stories and stories that literally never ended, so a really close friend basically challenged me and said that I wouldn’t write one that I was willing to try to get published.

Who is the audience for the book? Who do you feel will enjoy book most and why?

The audience and who I think will enjoy my book most is women age 18-35. That’s not to say that most lovers of urban fiction and romance won’t enjoy it, because I think they will. My book falls into the genre of romance, with a twist and it’s an urban fiction, so it can be enjoyed by both genres as an urban fiction.

Who was your favorite character?

Hands down, Kaeden. He has this mysteriousness about him. That characteristic of I know he has that psycho crazy gene, but I know it would only be used to protect what he loves and cares for. Just enough bad boy mixed with perfect gentleman to keep you satisfied and on your toes.

What did you enjoy most about writing the book?

I enjoyed writing about how Makynzee and Kalil fell for each other. You know it’s an instant attraction, but there’s also that “I shouldn’t be doing this” factor as well.

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was being okay with writing things that I didn’t actually agree with. Letting the characters have their own thoughts and make their own decisions instead of using mine.

Describe your writing style.

Hmmmm…grab pencil and paper or MacBook and ready, set, go! I don’t think I have a specific style, I sjust write what I see playing out in my mind and hope that it works.

How is your book different from others in the genre?

Romances are usually based on a love story that survives against all odds and have a generally happy ending…that may not be the case with mine.

Who are some of your writing influences?

I don’t have specifics, I thrive off of really god stories, so it could be a vet and big name, such as Eric Jerome Dickey or a new name, such as one of my label mates, Author Saundra.

Let us know about upcoming events and projects. How can readers contact you?


Lovely Lies 2 – Release Date: TBD
July 3 – Bayou Soul Writers & Readers Conference (New Orleans, LA)
July 4-8 – Essence Music Festival (New Orleans, LA)
Aug 30-31 – South Dallas Book Fair (Dallas, TX)
October 24-26 – National Black Book Festival (Houston, TX)

Contact: (personal website) (publisher’s website)


I look around and see a guy sitting behind the bar. He glances up at me as I walk in, but looks back down at the papers on the bar. Obviously I pose no threat to him because he doesn’t look up again until I’m close enough to say excuse me. What happens next confuses me. My throat feels like sand paper, I forget how to speak, and my stomach is filled with butterflies. He’s beautiful. Wait, I don’t think men can actually be beautiful, so what is he? Handsome would be an understatement.

With a slight frown, he asks, “What you need?”

Damn, his voice only adds to my current struggle to take him all in. He looks dangerous…sexy. I think I should be scared, but he stops frowning. I struggle to find my voice as he gets up and begins to walk to me. He’s very tall. Very athletic looking; his body is amazing. I wanna touch him.

“You look lost, where you trying to go?”

Of course I would turn into a mute right now. Did I expect anything more of myself? I’ve never been this drawn to anyone before. His skin is dark, much darker than mine, but his eyes are a weird mixture of green and something else, maybe brown. Color doesn’t matter though, they’re stunning. I get lost in them and before I know it he’s standing directly in front of me.

“You okay?”

His scent assaults my nose. Someone should seriously bottle it up just for me. His voice gives me goose bumps. He’s much taller than I thought. I’m 5’7” and wearing heels and I still have to tilt my head to look at him. I finally manage to croak out, “I’m fine.”

He smiles at me. I feel faint. If it were physically possible, I’d melt.

“Then what you need?”

“I’m looking for Kalil.”

He walks away and asks, “Who sent you here?”



“I need a job. She said to tell him to cash in the favor he owes her.”

“A job doing what?”

He’s frowning again. I’m not sure if I should be offended or not. The obvious answer would be dancing, but he seems to be genuinely curious. I decide to be offended.

“Well this is a strip club isn’t it?”

“How old are you?”


He stares at me in silence then sits on one of the bar stools.

“Bullshit, your real age.”



LaShanta Charles was born and raised in Orangeburg, SC. She has always been an avid reader of all genres, but Urban/ African American Fiction has always been her true love and is what inspired her to pursue a writing career. In high school, she began letting her classmates read the short stories that she would write and based off of their feedback, her passion for writing pushed her to become a published author. Through trial and error, she has developed a unique writing style that she fully embraces. She penned her first official novel, Lovely Lies, in 2013 and is currently working on the sequel.

Currently she lives in Killeen, TX, with her husband and two children. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English at Drury University and also serving on active duty in the US Army. Her hobbies include spending time with family, traveling, eating, and of course, writing. Her motto is “strive to excel, not to equal.”

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