May Editor’s Note

After a long bitter winter, spring feels fresher. And though the economy is tight, there is a sense of freedom at hand. Some bills don’t get paid on time. Some things don’t get paid at all. Top priority is given to those with services and products that add value. For the first time ever – the low budget consumer is king. Take advantage, put on your crown and declare yourself the king or queen of what you do.

As a growing publisher, we hope to get more freedom of vamped distribution costs through e-books, digital products and using the IPad and other new technologies to grow. In the recession, publishers need more money produce better products and to pay authors / writers or they will become independents.

While the book industry is grasping for air, we are finding better methods to reach readers. If Borders closes, some publishers are praying that Barnes and Noble will buy the chain. Otherwise, publishers dependent on store sales are trembling and they don’t know what they will do.

Do what you love and network in your niche.

Do what the next person won’t do to fulfill your goal. Your determination is what will differentiate you from others. Put on your crown and declare yourself the king or queen of what you do. But be humble enough to learn from those that offer something of value.

Reach out and garner relationships with like-minded individuals, provide consistent value to clients, visitors and be flexible to barters with other services that can benefit your company. There are publishers, independents, self-published authors that are growing.

This month we interviewed people who have found freedom despite the economy. First there is T Styles – a boss, a progressive publisher, author and bookstore owner who has managed to mature The Cartel Publications into a leading brand in the urban fiction niche.

We spoke with Joey Pinkney a book reviewer, author and marketer. Joey’s addiction to books helped fuel the content for his website. From scratch, he fueled his niche by his passion for reading and continues to grow in demand.

Honored, we caught up with Kevin M. Weeks. Author of the Street Life Series, his persistence and marketing savvy to grow his audience has lead him to new partnerships and an unmatched perspective on life.

Last we caught up with Nicola Mitchell who stopped through as she tours for her new book The Appetizer.

Check out the reviews of Brainwashed and Dear Dad by Ky-Mani Marley.

Network and put your plan in motion today, not next week.

See you next issue.

Q.B. Wells

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