New Jersey’s ‘James Bond Gang’ Fictionalized in Street-lit Author Ericka Williams’ Fifth Book ‘The Robbin Hoods

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“Police in New Jersey and New York believe this group is an offshoot of the original James Bond gang of the 1980s and 1990s that used a tricked-out BMW and other made-for-Hollywood ploys to evade police and steal from the rich.”– 4/2011

“Authorities say the “James Bond Gang” is back, targeting high-end homes in wealthy neighborhoods.”–News 12 Jersey 4/2011

New Jersey’s ‘James Bond Gang’ Fictionalized in Street-lit Author
Ericka Williams’ Fifth Book
‘The Robbin Hoods’

Teaneck, New Jersey (September 9, 2011)– Best known for her 3-part series A Woman Scorned formerly on Life Changing Books, Ericka Williams captured the attention of readers and reviewers by her uncanny ability to weave a story about a broken hearted Brielle who snaps and gets revenge on her unfaithful. Without warning, Brielle becomes sadistic and puts every man into a deathtrap.

Now with her fifth novel The Robbin Hoods (ESharan Publishing Paperback; September 27, 2011; ISBN: 978-0-615-47432-8; $15.00) true crimes become street-lit fans’ entertainment. Inspired by the media coverage on the crimes of the notorious ‘James Bond Gang’ Ericka Williams dives into the quest for the American Dream through the eyes of those who take from the rich and splurge on the poor.

Ericka Williams writes all of her books with theme to show the unlimited access of human beings to redemption. She doesn’t condone the acts of the ‘James Bond Gang’ but she empathizes with those young boys who grow up being force fed to “get things” on their own without proper guidance. As an elementary school language arts teacher she is determined to impart into young people, that nothing comes easy, but any thing worth having is worth working for.


The Robbin Hoods are burglars. They are hood stars who are living the good life splurging their money on women, fast cars, jewels, nice homes, trips, and drugs. Chance was from Brooklyn. His mother moved him and his siblings to New Jersey for a better life. Very early his family learns that the have-nots are surrounded by those who are extremely wealthy. Chance chooses a life of robbery to support his mother and siblings. What started out as a petty crime with teenagers who would cut school and break-and-enter into houses, on foot, turned into a multi-million dollar empire when the crew took their craft to a higher level. They graduated from boys to men, who made millions of dollars when they began venturing into exclusive upper class neighborhoods. The story is about the unlawful pursuit of the “American Dream”. The Robbin Hoods shows what happens when you take from others, instead of building your own.


Last month Sparta police reported to News 12 they’ve caught four men believed to be part of the infamous “James Bond Gang” that has been burglarizing wealthy communities for over a year. Police say they caught the four men after they led them on a short chase down Sparta’s main road which ended when the vehicle crashed. When the vehicle was searched, police found $20,000 in goods stolen from two homes in Sparta Authorities say three of the men were out on bail from prior arrests.

In April of this year reports from News 12 Jersey say the so-called “James Bond Robbers” were first named years ago when the crooks used a BMW with secret compartments during a robbery. Police say this time around, there isn’t a high-tech car, but there is a similar mode of operation. Authorities say the group is mostly from Englewood and Teaneck and dates back to the 1980s. Different people have been involved throughout the years, but committing the same type of crime. Police say in most cases, the crooks ring a doorbell. When they are sure no one is home, they break in through the front door.

Ericka Williams grew up around the original members of the James Bond Gang as the “little sister” type. She is a graduate of Teaneck High School, in Teaneck New Jersey. She attended Howard University and graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications. She is the author of All that Glitters, A Woman Scorned, A Woman Scorned part 2: Family Ties, Shining Star, The Robbin Hoods and A Women Scorned part 3 (January 2012) .

The Robbin Hoods
ESharan Publishing Paperback
September 27, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-615-47432-8
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