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What inspired you to write your book?

I originally wrote a screenplay and after discovering Urban Literature from a book I read called Hoodlum by K’Wan. I began researching how to self-publish. I then converted my screenplay Crew Love into my first novel in 2009.

What is your favorite character /lesson in your book? Explain why?
My favorite character is Black Love, he is a Attorney turned Private Investigator. He is my favorite because he is the first character that I’ve written for since switching genres from Urban Fiction to Crime Fiction. I feel as though I’ve grown as a person and it reflects in my writing.

Who is the intended audience for your book?

Anyone who has a passion for the written word. My goal is to write fun, entertaining stories that anyone can relate to.

What do you want readers to take away or say about your book when done reading?

That was good! When is part two coming out?

Name a few of your favorite books.
Not sure if you meant that I’ve written or that I’ve read. I’ll go with what I’ve read. Off the top, I’d have to say Eric Jerome Dickey’s Gideon Series, A Wanted Woman (another Eric Jerome Dickey novel) and Policy Kings “An Informal History” by Nathan Thompson.

Who are some of the writers that have influenced your writing?

Donald Goines, Eric Jerome Dickey, K’Wan, Walter Mosley.

What are your thoughts on the publishing process and getting your book to market?

My thoughts, it’s most definitely a grind and although I have been doing this since 2009 I am still carving my niche.

Where is your book available? or

You are also a graphic designer, how can someone look to get their Book cover designed reach you?
Just like purchasing one of my titles they can reach me at about getting a book cover done.

How can readers find out more about your book, upcoming titles, and events?

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