Interview with Author /Poet G.P. A

What is your favorite character /lesson in your book? Explain why?
My favorite character is Miles Livingston. He’s named after my brother and flawed.
Who is the intended audience for your book?
I want to reach people who enjoy a great whodunit set in a big city like Chicago
What do you want readers to take away or say about your book when done reading?
That this was the best mystery they have and read, and it had them hanging on with every word/
Name a few of your favorite books.
James Patterson “The Jester”, Carl Weber “The Family Business” series, Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger
Who are some of the writers that have influenced your writing?
See above and also Poets from the Romantic Age
What are your thoughts on the publishing process and getting your book to market?
It is a matter of finding what works for you as an author, doing the research, and going from there.
Where is your book available?
Everywhere books are sold and
How can readers find out more about your book, upcoming titles and events?
Facebook: G.P.A(Greatest Poet Alive), James Gordon, Twitter: gr8estpoetalive
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