Five E Distributors to Sell Your Ebook

Five E Distributors to Sell Your Ebook

by Q.B. Wells

Ebook distributors shorten the time it takes for publishers and authors to distribute the ebook to multiple retailers and make the product for sale to consumers. The publisher provides the distributor with the ebook in the contracted format megadata information and the necessary artwork. The publisher agrees to a wholesale price.

The distributor manages the accounting and delivering of the ebook contents to ebookstore retailers such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, etc. The ebook distributor then pays the publisher a percentage of royalty based on the amount of sales from each retailers platform. The ebook distributor may charge 0-70% depending on the services, platform and how many retailers they have relationships with to sell the publishers product.

Some ebook distributors will charge publishers a setup fee and some will charge no upfront fees and receive a larger percent of the royalty from sales. As an added service, some ebook distributors will provide conversion or ebook formatting to make sure the ebook has a professional look and is compatible with most reading devices.

Use an ebook distributor if you want to save time or are not approved for an account from top retailers like Apple Ipad. Check the ebook distributors guidelines to see if contracts are exclusive or not.

Below are five top ebook distributors that will save time and get your ebook distributed to numerous platforms and get you to earning money now. They are in alphabetical order.

Art Official Media LLC – Provides ebook formatting, marketing and distribution for publishers to Apple Ipad, Amazon Kindle, Overdrive, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo and direct downloads through the publishers website. Works with publishers of 20 titles or less.

BookBaby – Provides distribution of ebooks to Apple IPad, Nook and Kindle for a small setup fee that includes basic formatting and setup. Check the website for royalty fees and additional ebookstores.

Lightning Source – Provides wholesale ebook distribution to their network of eretailers and have other services to make the ebook file available as print on demand paperback. Check their website for exact retailers and fees.

Overdrive – Provides distribution of ebooks to libraries and educational institutions. Works with publishers of 10 titles or more and has made considerable advances in the mobile library and k-12 market.

Smashwords – Provides distribution of ebooks in too many formats and platforms to list. However, publishers will need to read the guide carefully to manually format ebooks for inclusion in their system and available to the most popular ebookstores.

Find a ebook distributor If you are unable to get approved for a direct account to publish to the major ebookstores, have any issues formatting or limited time to setup accounts from all retailers.

Q.B. Wells is the publisher of Art Official Media LLC and an author living in Baltimore City, Maryland. He has written books (Blackface, Doughboy), book reviews, articles and essays about urban literature and culture for The Urban Book Source, Urbania Magazine and For a low-cost ebook distributor solution, contact

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