Interview with Author Stacy Campbell

What inspired you to write your book?
Wouldn’t Change A Thing was written because of my desire to learn more about mental illness. It’s also a love song to my hometown, Sparta, Georgia.   I received a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission to do research at a mental health facility in Georgia but wasn’t sure which angle I wanted to tell the story, so I wrote other books in the meantime.
What is your favorite character /lesson in your book? Explain why?
Toni Williamson is my favorite character. She is intelligent, a liar, compassionate, deceitful, meticulous, and shy. In a nutshell, beautifully flawed. My favorite lesson in the book is that you can always go home.
Who is the intended audience for your book?
People who may have relatives living with mental illness or people wanting to learn more about the subject.
What do you want readers to take away or say about your book when done reading?
I want them to take away a different point of view of why some people are ashamed to associate with sick loved ones.
Name a few of your favorite books.
The Third Life of Grange Copeland by Alice Walker, Leaving by Richard Dry, Parallel Pasts by Julia Blues, Sugar by Bernice McFadden,  Leaving Cecil Street by Dianne McKinney Whetstone and anything by Adrienne Thompson. You said a few; I could go on forever.
Who are some of the writers that have influenced your writing?
Terry McMillan, Renee Swindle, Sheneska Jackson, Richard Dry, and James Baldwin.
What are your thoughts on the publishing process and getting your book to market?
I was very blessed to find an agent and a good publishing home. I think marketing has been my biggest challenge.
Where is your book available?
Wouldn’t Change A Thing will be available July 14, 2015 at Amazon, Simon and Schuster, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. My other titles, Dream Girl Awakened and Forgive Me are also available or can be ordered through those outlets.
How can readers find out more about your book, upcoming titles and events? I
can be found on Facebook at stacy.campbell.376,, or readers can email me at
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