The Appetizer by Nicola Mitchell

Nicola Mitchell is an author on a mission. After the debut of her first novel Over and Over Again, she learned more about the nuances of publishing and how to succeed in the industry. She followed up with her novel less shortly after. We got the chance to talk to Nicola Mitchell about her growth as an author /publisher and her second novel The Appetizer.

UM: Introduce yourself.

NM: My name is Ni’cola Mitchell and I am originally from Kingston, Jamaica. I am a single mother of two daughters Destani age 16 and Diamond age 11. I am currently in graduate school, pursuing a degree in Healthcare Management. I am also a head coach of a youth football league cheer team. I am the CEO of NCM Publishing and a member of the Literary Sistahs National Touring Group.

UM: Tell the audience about your new title The Appetizer.

NM: The Appetizer is a story centering my three main characters Nia, Yazmin, and Monae. They are three friends that live in Los Angeles, California. Nia, even though beautiful, has many self-esteem issues. She is poor trying to find a man that is typically in a relationship, because she believes that they can provide a better life for her three children.

Yazmin is pregnant with twin babies, and is engaged to Trey. She is caring and loving, and will do anything for anybody. She believes that she has the perfect life until one night she has a near death experience, which resulted in her finding out that Trey has been living a double life being married to Jill for the past ten years.

Monae is career minded and very focused. She is one of those people that we all know who can pass judgment on everyone around her, but never finds fault in her own self. While in the mist of setting a date for her own wedding, she finds out that her fiancé Malik has skeletons in his closet as well.

This book is a behind the scenes story of the mistress, and how one falls into this role. This book also will also shed light on how in some instances, the mistress doesn’t even have a clue that she is a mistress until it is too late.

UM: Describe how you came up with the title?

NM: I wanted to incorporate the true meaning of the word mistress. She is not the main course, but just as important. The title too the point, but at the same time still leaves you with mystery.

UM: Who is the audience for your book? What would you like the reader
to take away from your novel?

NM: Men and women are both the audience for this book. I want readers to find entertainment while learning life lessons at the same time. I want people to understand and see first hand that there are always two sides to every story. This story will hit home on so many levels because we all know one of the characters in this book.

UM: The Appetizer is your second book and an introduction to
publishing. What are a few misconceptions you had about the publishing industry before your debut book? Have any of the misconceptions changed?

NM: Over and Over Again was actually my introductory lesson in the publishing field. I learned a lot though from both of these projects. I knew that it was going to be a hard road, so I was actually prepared for the kinks that have been thrown at me. The only misconception that I had was that at some point it was going to get easier. I am faced with a different challenge everyday, but in essence I am always up to a good challenge as well.

UM: Multitasking (marketing, promotion, etc.) becomes apparent after
the debut book. Did your writing process change any?

NM: The only thing that changed about my writing process is the speed. In writing The Appetizer, it took me six months from start to finish; vs. Over and Over Again that took a year.

I try to start off every project in an outline form. I take the topic and use it as the foundation. Then I try to put in as many subtopics as possible. I do not write from beginning to end. I write whatever is in my heart.

UM: Have you learned something unique about your publishing journey or some advice you’d like to share?

NM: The only advice that I have is too never get comfortable. Stay hungry, focused, versatile, and grounded. Remember, whatever God has given you, he can easily take away.

UM: What upcoming projects or plans do you have that you’d like to share?

NM: My next novel is Twisted, and this is the direct sequel to Over and Over Again, and that is not due out in the fall. Candy my villainess in Over and Over Again, has gained her own story, entitled Candy, and it will be out in the end of the year. Also I will be included in several anthologies.

NCM Publishing is also going to be very busy with the releases of Mama Don’t Like Ugly, by Rekaya Gibson, and Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam by Imani True and Dreama Skye.

UM: How can people contact you or learn about your latest news?

NM: Check out:

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