The StreetLife Series – Kevin M. Weeks

Kevin M. Weeks is an example of everything that is right about America – Opportunity. An author and publisher, Kevin M. Weeks is about more than books. He reaches out to the community and is an advocate for the arts.

Utilizing his skills and network, Kevin Weeks will expand his talent to a higher institution. Let him tell you.

UM: Can you introduce yourself?

Kevin M. Weeks: First, I want to thank you for this interview. I am Kevin M. Weeks, a man with strong convictions about second chances, the will of the human spirit, and the ability to overcome the impossible.

UM: What inspired The Street Life Series?

Kevin M. Weeks: After sharing stories about the street life with a group of young adults, they encouraged me to write a book. Once I finished the first draft of the debut novel, I decided to create a series about the main character, Teco Jackson.

UM: Which of three books in the series was your favorite to write? Why?

Kevin M. Weeks: Even though my literary work as a whole is my favorite, I must say that my third novel (Is It Rags or Riches?) resonates the most with me. One of the supporting characters, Gail Indigo Que (a.k.a. GQ), provides a parallel analysis of the street life and corporate life. I don’t want to give the story away; however, I enjoyed writing about GQ’s experiences of transitioning from the street life over to a legitimate career.

UM: Your book covers have excellent illustrations that set them apart
from other books.

Kevin M. Weeks: Thank you for the kudos. The goal of the illustrated book covers is to show my support and passion for the arts. Along with many others, I am becoming an advocate for bringing the arts back into the mainstream of learning within the state of Georgia public school systems.

UM: Who is the targeted audience for your book? What do you want the reader to take away after reading?

Kevin M. Weeks: The targeted audience is adult readers, who through fiction love to travel to new places and experience life from different perspectives. The take away for the reader is to feel as though he or she is travelling through the streets with main character Teco Jackson and witness how he responds as crime happens all around him.

UM: There has been an ongoing debate about using images of African
Americans on book covers. The argument claims the books will have
little appeal to other ethnicities. One of your book covers
illustrates a white man on the cover. Can you speak on what prompted
your book cover with the white man? Did the demographics of the buying
audience change or did the reader responses?

Kevin M. Weeks: The beauty of art is the observer is the interpreter. The man on the third book cover (Is It Rags or Riches?) can be any nationality. Once I penned my debut novel, I stated that each of the book covers will highlight one of the characters from the story. Life is diverse as well as my characters. Renowned Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat once said, “I don’t think about art when I’m working. I try to think about life.”

UM: In your publishing journey, what has been your biggest disappointment or misconception?

Kevin M. Weeks: To speak of disappointments may be discouraging to a rising author who might need a little boost or a bit of positive encouragement to pen that first novel. My advice is to continually study the publishing industry so that the disappointments are few.

UM: What has been your greatest accomplishment or memory?

Kevin M. Weeks: Currently, I’m collaborating on a nonfiction piece of literary work with a distinguished professor from one of the top 30 national universities as reported by the 2009 U.S. News America’s Best Colleges. To be acknowledged in the sphere of academia is a blessing.

UM: What upcoming projects do you have in 2010?

Kevin M. Weeks: I’m writing the fourth novel titled The Street Life Series: Is It Power or Envy?

In collaboration with a new writer, I’m also working on a spin-off story about the Green family from my third novel titled: The Street Life Series: Is It Rags or Riches?

More information about both of these literary works is forthcoming.

UM: Thank you for interviewing. How can readers contact you and learn
more about your books?

Kevin M. Weeks: Special thanks for the interview. Readers can find out more about me at and more about The Street Life Series novels at Also, book proceeds benefit the Stay off the Streets Fund, a youth charity to aid teens who age-out of foster care. ( Peace, Kevin.

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